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Nature Breaking

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Join host Seth Larson as he interviews experts on some of the biggest environmental issues affecting people and our planet, including climate change, habitat loss, endangered species, and more. Learn something new about nature in every episode. This show is produced by World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the NEST Climate Campus in New York, where WWF hosted two days of programming for Climate Week NYC – an annual showcase for the latest in climate policy and activism on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting. Our guests for this special event were Sheila Bonini, WWF’s Senior Vice President for Private Sector Engagement, and James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer for HP Inc. Sheila and James spoke about how companies can complement the work of governments to address the global climate and nature crises (6:23), how WWF and HP are working together to protect and restore forest ecosystems in critical areas around the world (15:05), and what’s surprised them most about partnering with each other on these issues (27:53).


WWF & HP Partnership Page

James McCall Bio

Sheila Bonini Bio

NEST Climate Campus

Climate Week NYC

YouTube Livestream Recording


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