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Quanta Science Podcast

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Susan Valot narrates in-depth news episodes based on Quanta Magazine's articles about mathematics, physics, biology and computer science.

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If you've ever entered a room, and then completely forgotten how you got there, you may have something in common with a quantum computer.

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  • 260 - To Move Fast, Quantum Maze Solvers Must Forget the Past 
    Tue, 21 Nov 2023
  • 259 - Underground Cells Make 'Dark Oxygen' Without Light 
    Wed, 08 Nov 2023
  • 258 - How the Brain Protects Itself From Blood-Borne Threats 
    Wed, 25 Oct 2023
  • 257 - JWST Spots Giant Black Holes All Over the Early Universe 
    Wed, 11 Oct 2023
  • 256 - Is It Real or Imagined? How Your Brain Tells the Difference. 
    Wed, 27 Sep 2023
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