Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
Arthur Dobrucki - All You Need

All You Need

Arthur Dobrucki 22 hours ago
Michele McLaughlin - Joyful Mornings

Joyful Mornings

Michele McLaughlin 22 hours ago
Jo Jasper - Wirklichkeit


Jo Jasper 22 hours ago
Greg Maroney - Fall


Greg Maroney 22 hours ago
Kendra Logozar - Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley

Kendra Logozar 23 hours ago
Joe Bongiorno - Flight of a Dream

Flight of a Dream

Joe Bongiorno 23 hours ago
David Astrom - The Comforter

The Comforter

David Astrom 23 hours ago
Matthew Mayer - Little Feet

Little Feet

Matthew Mayer 23 hours ago
Christine Brown - Silent Tears

Silent Tears

Christine Brown 23 hours ago
Christopher Boscole - The Coming Relevation

The Coming Relevation

Christopher Boscole 23 hours ago
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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is an online radio station exclusively dedicated to piano solos. It was launched in 2003 by David Nevue as a vehicle to promote his own music having found no other radio station willing to showcase it. As soon as the station began live streaming globally, other artists began flooding Nevue with requests to also broadcast their music.

Whisperings is now a global platform where musicians and piano-music lovers could share their passion.

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Top Songs

Letzte 7 Tage:

1. Kevin Kern - Whisperings

2. Boh Cooper - Longing for Home

3. Mark Pinkus - Maybe Never

4. Giorgio Costantini - Life

5. Joe Bongiorno - Trance

6. Kimberly StarKey - Zinnwaldite Sonatina

7. Christopher Boscole - Variation on Chopin Nocturne

8. Janine De Lorenzo - Freedom

9. Linda Mantooth - WHISPERS and LULLABIES (Gentleness)

10. Silvard - At Peace

Letzte 30 Tage:

1. Kevin Kern - Whisperings

2. Chad Lawson - Will

3. Eric Carlson - Moonlight Rain

4. Matthew Mayer - Stars On 123

5. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

6. Brian Crain - Fire

7. Alessandra Celletti - Pisces - Benediction

8. Piano Mane - Whisperings

9. Spirit Minds - Whisperings

10. So Much More - So Much More


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