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Welcome to the RTS London Podcast. The Royal Television Society is an educational charity promoting the art and science of television.

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"It’s 12 noon in London, 7am in Philadelphia... And around the world, it’s time for Live Aid..."

On the 38th anniversary of Live Aid on 13 July 1985, RTS London presents this wide-ranging, full-length interview with Harvey Goldsmith CBE by broadcaster Andrew Eborn.

Harvey Goldsmith is an iconic and visionary figure known for his exceptional work as a producer and promoter of rock concerts, charity events, and television broadcasts. Working with most of the world’s major artists, Harvey has successfully managed, produced, and promoted shows that have shaped the music industry. Among his extraordinary achievements, Harvey orchestrated two of the most monumental music events ever held: Live Aid and Live 8. These ground-breaking spectacles have solidified his reputation as a trailblazer in the field, leveraging the power of music to inspire global audiences and support meaningful causes.

In the fascinating interview, Harvey discloses how childhood formed his character, his early career leading to an accidental start in the music business, the secrets behind Live Aid & Live 8, Wham! in China, Pavarotti in the Park, F1 in London, the secrets to televising music events, successful negotiation, and the future of the music business.

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© Harvey Goldsmith 2023

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