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Yoga Inspiration

Kino MacGregor

Join Kino MacGregor, one of the world’s master yoga teachers, as she shares her yoga life hacks to translate the wisdom of yoga into a happier, more peaceful, more loving life. Listen to authentic, raw conversations and talks from Kino on her own and with real students about what yoga is really all about. Ignite or rekindle your inner spark to get on your mat and keep practicing.

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Yoga is more than a physical practice. The asanas can be made accessible for everyone, and yoga practitioners are responsible for creating a community that welcomes everyone to the yoga mat. But is yoga for everyone? 

The spiritual readiness of the student is very important when it comes to taking the first steps on this journey, and not everyone is willing to wake up early every morning to practice. Before you start your journey, you need to ask yourself - is yoga right for me?

This isn’t a workout routine, although it can help you lose weight and live healthy. Yoga practice also isn’t a trend. It’s a spiritual faith that has been practiced for many centuries and passed on from generation to generation. Practicing yoga means joining the chain of thousands of practitioners who came before you. To step onto this path is not to step lightly. 

Physical adjustments can be made for the asanas, but the spiritual and mental adjustments that need to be made for your spiritual growth must come from within. Are you ready to face the spiritual journey each day?

Some people aren’t there yet, and maybe they won’t be in this lifetime. But yoga is for the student who is willing to show up every day and put in the work. You’re the only one who can bring yourself to the mat every day, and you’re also the only one who can carry the practice with you in your daily life. 

Patanjali’s teachings say that we must practice yoga without a break, but that doesn’t necessarily mean being on the mat every hour of every day. The yoga sutras should inspire every part of your life, from the way you speak to others and the way you speak to yourself, to how you participate in society.

I sense a big shift coming to the yoga community and the way we interact with our practice and travel this spiritual path. As the generation of teachers begins to change, I invite you to think on the spiritual roots of the yoga practice and how you have grown on this journey.

If you would like to share what you’ve learned on your yoga journey, get in touch with me at You could be invited to guest spot on The Yoga Inspiration Show. 

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