Spiritually Initiated Parenting with Drs. Lauren & Bill Moss

Spiritually Initiated Parenting with Drs. Lauren & Bill Moss

Drs. Lauren & Bill Moss

The Spiritually Initiated Parenting Podcast explores the intersection of parenting and personal spiritual evolution. By conceptualizing the parenting journey as inherently spiritual and spirituality as a crucial tool required to navigate the uncharted territory of raising a human. Drs. Lauren and Bill Moss unpack issues spanning the mundane to the profound as they seek answers to the essential question: How can we best support the growth and development of our child(ren) while maintaining our own spiritual progression? Whether you are a new or veteran parent (or maybe just considering becoming a parent!), or your spiritual journey is just beginning or well underway, we invite you to join this dynamic conversation!

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We’ve all had the feeling— you “just knew” you needed to check on your child just as they were doing something dangerous or needed some support. That “gut feeling”, or intuition, is a spiritual gift that many ignore… and some exploit! In this episode we talk about the best ways to tap into and leverage parental intuition and some pitfalls to avoid when wielding your intuitive gifts.

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