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Bible Sleep


Fall asleep to the very source of all peace, the words of God. Life can be stressful. Bible Sleep provides the listeners with a peaceful narration of the Biblical text with music to aid in drifting off to a restful nights sleep. If you have any prayer requests, please contact us at 401-47-BIBLE. Check out our other podcasts, Bible Kids, Bible Light, Bible Detox, and Bible Academy.

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This is a reading of Εxodus 17-18. We have no ads playing, because we are listener supported for all of our podcasts. If you would like to help us keep going, visit our webpage at and click on "donate." God bless you. Follow us on Instagram @ biblesleep. Call or text us for prayer or Bible questions at 401-47-BIBLE or email us at Check out our other podcasts, Bible Kids, Bible Light, Bible Detox and Bible Academy. Please visit our website at for all of our resources.

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